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Since 1932 Atradius has reinsured in particular political and long-term commercial risks for certain countries with the Dutch State. Through its subsidiary Atradius Dutch State Busines, it operates various facilities in the area of export credit and investment insurance.

The Export Credit Insurance Facility covers all standard insurance policies that are taken out on the account of the Dutch government. The Reinsurance Scheme for Investments covers all political risks in connection with investments abroad. Both schemes are under responsibility of the Minister of Finance, who acts in accordance with the State Secretary of Economic Affairs.

The other government facilities are intended to cover risks that do fall under one of the two schemes mentioned above. The Emerging Markets Guarantee Facility (GOM, Garantiefaciliteit Opkomende Markten), for example, has been especially designed to cover the risks when exporting to countries that qualify for a grant under the ORET-program (Economic Co-operation Program) of the Minister for Development Assistance. The SENO Facility is designed for Eastern Europe to cover risks for export transactions with Eastern and Central European countries. The Minister of Economic Affairs has the responsibility for both facilities.


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